"An author phenomenon in Europe."
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Wulf Dorn has created characters such as Jan Forstner, Mark Behrendt, Doro Beck, Simon Strode, Robert Winter and many others. His psychological suspense novels have become international bestsellers and won him numerous awards, including the French Prix Polar for Best International Novel.

Wulf wrote his first story at the age of twelve; it was the beginning of an on-going passion. His stories were published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

In October 2009, his debut thriller, TRIGGER, became an instant success: The enthralling story of psychiatrist Ellen Roth was translated into numerous languages and sold over a million copies around the globe. To date, Wulf's books have made it to the bestseller lists in Brasil, Chile, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Uruguay.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Wulf worked as a psychiatric therapist and clinical researcher. For twenty years he supported people with mental disorders in vocational rehabilitation and as a job coach.

Besides his writing, Wulf has translated texts by David Bowie, Mario Puzo, David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola and Jack the Ripper into German.

He also is a narrator of audio books and had stage readings with actors such as Iris Berben, Anna Thalbach, Bibiana Beglau, Ekkehardt Belle, Benno Fürmann and German punk legend Bela B.

Moreover, he is known for the appearances with his friend, New Zealand author Paul Cleave. The 'Paulf Fiction' tours are iconic to their fans. (The duo's name comes from a combination of their first names "after lots of G&Ts").

Wulf and his wife Anita live in South Germany. In his spare free time he runs a sound studio where he dabbles in composing electronic soundscapes (e.g. for the trailers for Incubo und Gli Eredi).



Having sold more than 100,000 copies within the first month, LA PSICHIATRA (OT: TRIGGER) was one of the most successful debut novels ever in Italy.

In January 2005, Wulf and fourteen other authors plotted and wrote a 300 pages science fiction novel within only 44 hours - an experiment in creativity under time pressure. The novel and the reports of the participants have been published by the German Federal Academy of Cultural Education. (Info)

In November 2016, Wulf was guest of honor at the Istanbul Book Fair. He signed more than 10,000 books within two days.


In 2012, Wulf was a guest speaker at the University of Santander, and in 2013 he spoke to the students of the University of Bogota.

Notes for his first draft of KALTE STILLE were shown at an exhibition of German authors' handwritings at Goethe Museum Düsseldorf.

Wulf will be guest starring as a villain vampire in the graphic novel VAMPIRE MOB by Joe Wilson, based on his legendary TV series. (Announced for the second half of 2017.)


2015 »Ulla-Hahn UH!-Award« (PHOBIA)

2014 »Prix Polar« (NOS DÉSIRS ET NOS PEURS)


2011 »Grandios« Hörbücher Magazin (KALTE STILLE)

2004 »William Voltz-Award« (ACTIVITY)

2003 »Best Shortstory« Hörverlag (EINE MORDSARBEIT)

2002 »Best Shortstory« Weltbild (DAS WUNDER VON KAIKOURA)

2001 »Young Talents' Award« AA-Akademie (DIE BEGEGNUNG)

2000 »Stephen King Award« arte TV (JENNIFER)


2016 »Hansjörg Martin Award« (DIE NACHT GEHÖRT DEN WÖLFEN)

2013 »Lovelybooks Readers' Award« (PHOBIA)

2012 »Hansjörg Martin Award« (MEIN BÖSES HERZ)

2012 »Lovelybooks Readers' Award« (MEIN BÖSES HERZ)

2011 »Lovelybooks Readers' Award« (DUNKLER WAHN)

2011 »Ohrkanus« (KALTE STILLE)